Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving in NOLA

The kids and I (along with my mom and grandparents) spent Thanksgiving in New Orleans with my sisters. It was suppose to be this wonderful warm trip but  instead turned into a flu factory! (See previous post) However, we tried to make the best of our 6 days 2 days!

I attempted to take Christmas pictures at the famous Roosevelt Hotel. It was absolutely beautiful with all the lights. What was I thinking? My kids did not want to cooperate!

Exhibit A. Aiden sitting on the floor refusing a picture. Not even candy could bribe this boy that night!


One good one back at the hotel!
Up at the room Dr. Aiden made sure Aunt Boo was well with his doctor kit!

My Cuties!
Saturday we all dressed in our UK gear to cheer on the Cats. Another attempt at a picture. My mom said she wanted to get a good Christmas card pic.

I think this one is the best you will get mom!!

Aunt GiGi wanted to try out my new camera. Ava just wasn't feeling it of course!

You think Aiden likes his picture taken?

Well folks this was our wonderful Thanksgiving vacation. One that will go down in the books for sure! Sure glad we got to spend what little time we had with Aunt GiGi and Aunt Boo!

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