Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sickness has invaded our family

Thanksgiving week has been such a whirlwind. It all started with Ava and I getting sick the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Saturday morning I woke up feeling like I had the flu. I rushed to urgent care thinking that if I catch it early they will give me tamaflu. Turns out it wasn't the flu just a virus of some sort. So rest and fluids for me. In the meantime Ryan took Ava to the doctor and they said she had croup and put her on a steroid. I felt terrible and laid in bed all day. Sunday morning aiden started throwing up but seemed to be better by late afternoon. Keep in mind we are suppose to leave to New Orleans early Tuesday morning. I had not done any laundry or even attempted to pack for the three of us. 

Monday morning Ava's cough seemed worse so Ryan took off work to take her to the doctor but before he could make it to the sitters he was sick. I ended up leaving work early and meeting them at the doctor. Low and behold Ava's RSV test came back positive. I thought really not again. They said that she didn't need to be hospitalized at this point and to start breathing treatments every four hours and gave us the "go ahead" to travel. I contiplated on if I should still go out of town and decided to go on. That night the kids and I stayed at my moms so Ryan could rest and we could leave bright and early. However Ava had a reaction to the medication so we spent over an hour in Tennessee Tuesday trying to find a pharmacy that carried the new drug they called in for her. Three pharmacies later we found one! Yay on the road we were. 

Ava just wasn't feeling so hot and cried the majority of the way to Birmingham. We had originally planned to make it to Mississippi but decided to stay in Birmingham that night and get up and drive the rest in the morning. After the new breathing treatments she seemed to be doing better and Wednesdays car ride went a lot smoother. We arrived in New Orleans around lunch and met aunt Sarah. 

Wednesday night my mom woke up with the stomach virus and in turn I got it Thursday. Ava starting throwing up and high fever Friday and Angie Friday night. So my Thanksgiving was spent in bed at my sisters house and at the hotel. I now have a new respect for single mothers and thank god I have family willing to help out. Luckily it only last about 18 hours total and then you feel back to normal.  

Friday and Saturday we were able to get out of the hotel for a little while and explore the city. But guess what...Sarah got sick Saturday night! I have never been so glad to see Sunday. Not that I don't love being with family but I was ready for this trip to be over and ready to get home. We are now on the road and I couldn't be more excited. I'm hoping we can all stay well until we get to kentucky. 

Ava still isn't feeling very well. We continue breathing treatments every four hours and suction three times a day. We go back to the doctor Wednesday. Hopefully no more RSV! 

Here are a few pics from the trip (more to come later) 

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