Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014 part 1

I love Christmas. I love family time and lights and food and presents and teaching my kids about baby Jesus. But Christmas is also a whirlwind around our house. When its all said and done we have 7 Christmas's to go to. It's a lot for little ones and can be very exhausting. Get ready for picture overload! Sorrynotsorry

Christmas Eve we always go to Ryan's grandmothers. Its always so much fun with all the cousins and this year Aiden and Aniston really had a blast playing with each other. I love that my kids have cousins their age. 

Santa always shows up at Grans and Aiden was so excited this year. He asked Santa if he was going to come down his chimney that night. Cute kid!

Christmas morning we usually go to my moms after we have Santa at our house. This year was a little different since Sarah wasn't here. It was actually kind of nice. We opened presents from Santa and got to just hang around the house until it was time to go to my grandmothers for lunch.

I really thought Aiden would be so excited about Santa since that is pretty much all he has talked about for the last couple of weeks. I had this vision in my head that he would run out and be so excited to see all the presents in the living room. My mom and Angie came over (and both kids slept until 8:00 which never happens) and when he got up he just walked out and asked where Santa was. He was really confused about why Santa wasn't physically at our house. I guess we didn't do a very good job explaining to him that Santa wouldn't be there when he got up and that he has lots of houses to go to. Ha 

I downloaded the Kringle app and made a video of Santa eating the cookies in our living room. Aiden loved it! 


After warming up he started to really have fun and enjoyed opening his gifts. He is at such a cute age right now. Ava also loved ripping the paper. Each wanted to play with every gift before moving on the next.

After resting and playing all morning we went to my grandmothers for lunch with the extended family and then to Ryan's' dads for dinner and more presents. I told you, Christmas is crazy around here. And to think we didn't even have my family's Christmas yet. This weekend we will go to my moms and my dads on new years day! Shew makes me tired just typing it!! We are all so lucky and thankful for such a large family!

Have you ever in your life seen so many gifts!

And she's off!

Oh that face! Love it!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

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