Monday, December 8, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas is in full swing at the Carriss household. I love this time of year and also love dressing my little's up in holiday attire!

This year I didn't put up a big tree. As much as I hated not to I figured with Ava starting to walk and our house being so small it was just best. I actually kind of like my little table top tree!

One thing my mom started when we were little is getting us Christmas PJ's. She always saved them for us to open on Christmas Eve night but I go on and let the kids wear them early. I absolutely adore them!

We have already been to see Santa twice. Aiden doesn't mind him, Ava isn't so sure about him.

This is our Santa pictures over the last couple of years!

Another favorite thing to do is attend our town's annual Christmas parade! Aiden had a blast this year!

One of my all time favorite things about the holidays is our annual girls Christmas party! It is so much fun and I'm so glad we have kept this tradition going over the last 15+ years.

Other traditions we have are going to the horse park to look at Christmas lights and drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies (our favorites this year is Polar Express and The Grinch).
New things we are trying this year is the Elf (see previous post) and going on a train ride in Bardstown. This whole elf thing is wearing me out. I forget most nights to move the darn thing which leaves us rushing in the morning and usually throwing it in a different spot. I had such high hopes for this little tradition but it's just not working out as planned!

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