Monday, December 22, 2014

My favorite little people

This age is so much fun! Here are some of my favorite moments with my two favorite little people! 

Eating goldfish on the kitchen table is just so much more fun! 

Riding the Santa express (more on this in another post) 

Throwing an all out tantrum because I wouldn't let her climb into the dish washer. (This is my favorite moment because it was just too funny) 

Why we have hundreds of toys is beyond me. Keys are her favorite right now. Not the toy keys either. 

Bob sitting in marshmallows. (This is actually the most creative I've done with Bob) I'm actually excited for him to go back to the North Pole. He's been fun but I think he will visit us next year on December 15th and not the 1st!! 

Playing at Mimi's 

Although this is a terrible picture our christmas card turned out so cute! 

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