Thursday, February 27, 2014

RSV I hate you's back, not as bad as before but both kids are congested AGAIN. 

The day after Christmas Ava was transported to the hospital by ambulance because she stopped breathing and turned blue. I freaked and called 911. Luckily one if my best friends was at the house visiting from Chicago and was able to take over as I stood there. She had not seemed sick but when we arrived at the hospital they tested her for flu and RSV and both came back positive. They preformed a deep suction on her and sent us on our way. On New Year's Day we were back at the hospital to get deep suctioned again. At this point they didn't feel we needed to be admitted and sent us home with a bulb to suction her out. I had a friend who loaned us a hospital grade suction machine (which we ended up buying one) that we started using and thought we were in the clear. About a two weeks later we were back at Kosiars childrens hospital and this time Ava's oxygen level had dropped to 82. This time she was admitted for 5 days. They suctioned her out every couple hours which really helped clear everything out. After she was able to get off oxygen we went home and did very well until yesterday. I had started to notice she was getting congested again and I fear we will be back at the hospital. Keep your fingers crossed we can manage this at home and not have to go to the hospital. I really hate you RSV! 

Let me add that Aiden also got the flu and a bad cough during all this but because he is older he was able to handle it a lot better. 

Until we meet again we will suction, suction, suction!! 

Even though she doesn't feel well she is so happy!! 

Is it spring yet?

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