Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ava is 4 months old

Wow I can't believe Ava is 4 months old already. 

Here are some things she is doing....

Laughs out loud
Smiles all the time
Rolls from back to side. Almost all the way over. 
Holds head up when on tummy
Holds on to her toy
Sits in bumbo seat
Loves her play mat

She isn't sleeping through the night and still gets up every 4-5 hours but were sure this is because she has had a rough first couple of months. Hopefully this will get better in the very near future. Right now she goes down around 7:30 gets up and takes a bottle between 12-1  goes back down and get up to eat again between 4-6. As you can see I'm very tired. Ryan and I tend to go to bed as soon as the kids go down so we at least get some sleep. 

She also isn't putting much weight on her legs which has us a little worried (although it is more then Aiden did) but we will bring it up to pediatrician at her next appointment.  

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