Monday, February 24, 2014


Over the past weekend I was asked by Aiden’s speech therapist to start writing down words he is saying without any prompts or us asking him to “say___”. Aiden is up to 14 words which is absolutely amazing. We are so proud of him. April will mark our first steps one year anniversary  which means he has been in speech therapy for one full year. Even though this is such a slow process he is making huge improvements. I realize most kids his age are able to carry on full conversations but for him to just be able to tell us he wants water is huge. There was a time when I thought he would never talk.  It still saddens me when we are around other kids his age that can tell their parents what they want but I know that one day he too will be able to do this.  We go to the discovery gym on Saturday mornings and I feel like some mothers are looking at me when my child can’t talk. It may be in my head but that’s just how I feel. People are constantly asking him questions thinking he can answer them and he just can’t. I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs “he is delayed, give him a break”. But I answer for him and move on.

The words that he can say are…

Bowl (bo-al)

Spoon (poon)

 Please (pease)

Water (wa wa)




Home (ome)

Bottle (baba)

Balloon (oon and sometimes bahoo)

Yes (uh huh)


Banana (nana)

Bye Bye


He is also signing eat, drink, help, more, please, thank you, write and play. He holds his nose when he has a dirty diaper and pulls at his pants when he wants to sit on the big potty.

Today I received an email from his speech therapist and burst into tears at work ( I am sure my co-workers think I must be crazy) when she told me sheheard a 2 word utterance today.  That is right folks my son put together two words and said MY SHOE when playing a game. I couldn’t be more proud.

As far as OT we continue to have sessions one time a week. She is working on motor planning and balance. He isn’t able to jump which most kids are able to do so going to the gym is great practice. I continue to have the support of my family and friends. Most of my friends are constantly asking me how things are going and ask about Aiden on a weekly basis. This is such a huge support for me. Having my friends and family to talk to and vent to is so important.

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