Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

Well I’m sure some of you have wondered where I have been these past couple of months. Well let me just tell you, I have lots to catch you up on! It will probably take more then one post but I will start off highlighting the main things that have been going on since the middle of May.

First of all I had a wonderful vacation. We went to Fripp Island with Ryan’s family at the beginning of June. It was a much needed vacation and was so relaxing. So much so that I didn’t even take one picture then entire trip!
When I returned I was only home two days before jetting off to Gulf Shores, AL to plan our wedding. This trip was not so much relaxing. I have never in my life visited so many venues, condos, and houses. It was actually exhausting and I really had no clue how much work went into planning a beach wedding. By the end of the week I didn’t care I just wanted it to be over with. The thought of going to Vegas crossed my mind many times! However, after returning home and doing more research (and I mean hours of more research) we finally have a place to get married! Woohoo!! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!
I also have some news that was a complete shock to us and our families. This may be mostly why I haven’t blogged in so long! Drum roll please…………are you ready for this?????????????

Yes, Yes you read that correctly! I am 16 weeks!
I know it isn’t ideal for most people but hey we aren’t most people! Like I said before this was a complete shock to both Ryan and I but we are actually very excited. At first I was more disappointed because I really wanted to be married first. I worried many nights about what people would think, how people would react, would they think we are just getting married because were having a baby? Then I came to the conclusion that I don’t care what people think or how they will react and if they think we are just getting married because I’m pregnant then they clearly don’t know us.
Many people have asked if we are going to move the date up and the answer to that is NOPE we are leaving everything the same! I still want my dream wedding and that’s what we are doing. I have decided if you don’t like it then don’t be a part of it! It actually turned into a blessing because now our children will grow up with our friend’s children. My best friend from childhood just had a baby June 30th, Ryan’s best friend from childhood is due any day now and I just found out that a very dear friend is only three weeks behind me!! How exciting is that! I am also very blessed that my grandparents will be around for my children. I had the honor of knowing and spending a lot of time with my great grandmother and can’t wait for my child to do the same! I have always feared that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant, well now that fear is gone! My fear now is labor!

I promise to be more on top of posts. I have been really sick the past few weeks and my sickness seems to be getting worse everyday. I go to the doctor on Thursday so maybe she will give me something to help. 
So with that said I guess this blog will turn into a place for me to document my wedding and my pregnancy! Stay tuned for more on this crazy life of ours!

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