Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am linking up with Jamie for WILW!

I am loving me some watermelon this week! It is so hot here and it is so refreshing!

I am loving the Mango Margarita Soap from Bath and Body Works!

I am also loving these prettie drops! They really do work!

I am also loving that a dear friend is being induced as we speak! I can't wait to meet Joey!

And as always I am loving that we are getting married in 268 days!



  1. yummm watermelon is so good! i ate some cantelope earlier and it was so juicy and refreshing!

  2. I love watermelon! We have a friend that grows them and gave us some this week. Delish!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. I am loving watermelon right now as well and that Mango Margarita soap from Bath and Body. Your blog is precious!

  4. i have never heard of these pops - i will have to remember these one day :)cute blog!

  5. Who DOESN'T love watermelon!? And yay for less than a year until the wedding! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!