Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow for days!

We got more snow then we have seen in a long time. It shut the city down and we had a snow day (or two)! Normally I would love a good snow day but we have been in this house since last Wednesday. First for sickness and now snow. So needless to say we are ready to get out!

Yesterday daddy went to work and we got busy playing and eating and more playing and more eating. Why do we eat so much when we are stuck inside?

First up breakfast by the window to look at the snow!

Then a little ride in the train Papaw and Grandma Pat brought over!

A little movie watching!

All before 10:30!

Got to love snow days with kiddos. Very different then my college or single years.

When daddy got home from work Aiden got to play outside for just a few min. It was really cold and Ava had to watch from the window. (no picture)

We then made potato soup for dinner and played some more! Looks like we will be doing it all over again today! We may try and venture out today even if its just to Mimi's house.

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