Monday, February 2, 2015

Catching up

Nothing really exciting has happened over the past month so I really haven't had anything to blog about! We have had a lot of laying around the house and playing with all our christmas toys. We've had a few friends over to play which is always fun and attended Sophie's birthday party (which I got zero pictures of). 

Lana, one if Aidens very best girl friends came over one night while her mommy went to dinner. These kids had a blast! We ordered pizza, made banana splits and watched movies in Mommys bed. 

Ryan wanted to take aiden to the boat and RV show. He even got to catch a fish in a pool which by the way he's still talking about! 

This little lady has been working on her "tricks". My sister made a point to say that Ava doesn't know as much as aiden did at her age. Second child problems!! So with that we started learning body parts. She knew where her nose was for all of two days. Now she just know where her head is. Oh well we will get there! Ha! 

This is how I found Aiden after nap one day. So cute. 

We also tried on our new beach hats Aunt Karyl sent us! 

And also tried on new spring break clothes to make sure they fit! 

I went to the matilda jane release with a friend! And ordered too much of course! 

I also started as a rep for shrimp and kids clothes. See previous blog post for details! 

And I'll leave you with this! I think it may possibly be a curl! My mom and I are constantly scrunching her hair in the back on hopes of curls. This may be that her hair dried funny but I'm counting it as a curl!!! I can hope can't I!! 


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