Monday, February 9, 2015

What have we been up to you ask?

 Oh you know, just both kids got ear tubes the SAME day. Yes you read that right! I really didn’t think twice when the ENT (who just so happens to be a friend of mine who grew up down the street) said “do you want to just do both together” when I sat in her office deciding what day to have the surgery. My response “is that possible”. Come to find out it is and is actually very common especially with parents who have twins. Who knew?!
Ever since that day I definitely get the “are you crazy” look from friends and co-workers! So yes I went ahead and had both kids ear tube surgery scheduled and everything went great. Well except for that one time when both kids were screaming in recovery and throughout the entire hospital as we walked to our car pulling them in a wagon.  That was the one point when I thought I had made the worst mistake ever and that the day was going to be a no good very bad day.
Here is how it all started…..
Tuesday night we had the kids favorite meal (Spaghetti and meatballs) because I needed them to eat really well so they wouldn’t be hungry in the night.  Ava still gets up in the night to eat on most nights especially if she doesn’t get full. Just to be on the safe side I woke her up at midnight and gave her a bottle and said a little prayer that it would hold her over until she woke up. And it worked!
Wednesday morning my mom got to my house bright and early and we got the kids up at 6:30 am. The hospital had told us to bring an extra person since we would have two in recovery and would need to go back and forth between rooms. So glad my mom and Ryan’s dad were there to help! I was really excited because this was our first time at Kosiars St. Mathews. We normally have to go downtown for all our procedures and this made it so much closer. We got checked in and waited our turn. They came and gave Ava her “happy juice” and took her on back and then came for Aiden. When they give the kids the medicine to make them “loopy” I just think it is hilarious. Both cracked us up and we have it all on video!

The procedure is only 8 min so we weren’t waiting a long time. The hardest part was recovery. This was Ava’s first time with anesthetic so we weren’t sure how she would handle it. She got sick a couple of times but seemed fine right before we were leaving (except for the screaming). She was crying so hard I think the nurses were ready for us to get out of there. Once Aiden woke up they discharged us immediately. Aiden is always very fussy after anesthesia so we kind of knew what to expect. He also cried the entire way to the car. They gave us a wagon to pull them in and the looks we got riding through the hospital pulling two crying kids were priceless. But we made it home and for the most part had a pretty good day. Looking back it was well worth it! The next day they were completely back to normal!


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