Saturday, March 21, 2015

Life lately

It's been a while I know. Since the last time I wrote we actually had another BIG snow. This time 16 inches big. Which is way too much snow for me! However Aiden loved it. Since I don't do snow (never have and never will) I brought the snow inside and let the kids play. They loved it and it kept then busy for all of 30 min. 

Luckily it warmed up quick and it didn't stay around long. A couple of days later we were outside walking. Got to love KY weather! 

I've also been working really hard on my shrimp and grits kids trunk shows. I have the most wonderful friends who have fully supported me 100% and because of them I'm hoping to meet my quota to be able to sell again in the fall. This is just a few cute things my grandmother got Ava for the beach. Of course she got aiden some also however he refused to try them on and he now boycots pictures. 

We also celebrated St Patricks day 

Again aiden refused a pic and also refused to wear green that day. He wore blue. I pick my battles!! 

This is the best I can get of him nowadays! God love him! 

So that's about it! We leave for the beach next week and we are more then excited. Until then here is another cute pic of my only child that still allows me to dress her and take pictures!!! 

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  1. Love all her outfits! She's gotten so big! Growing like a weed!