Monday, March 30, 2015

Beach day 1 was a success

Aiden loves the beach. Ava we are still unsure about. Day one she did but with her, things can change very quickly!! We arrived Saturday afternoon and our condo wasn't ready and aiden was dying to see the ocean so off we went! 

It was chilly but it didn't stop this kid. This day Ava wouldn't let us put her down. I got nervous that she was going to hate the sand. However I think it was a combination of being tired and cool that threw her off. Once our room was ready everyone took short naps (as in one hour). That night Aiden was just exhausted from the drive and really not much of a nap that he kept telling us he wanted to go home. He's such a home body and really doesn't like to spend the night out away from home these days. Which is so strange because he has traveled a lot. Once he was in bed with Joey he was fine and was out for the rest of the night. However that was after their hour long conversation. What do you think three year old boys talk about for that long?? We couldn't really understand them through the monitor but it was hilarious. All we could see is their little fingers pointing at guns shooting each other. Yep pretty much sums up our boys! 

Full day one was much more successful. We were all well rested and ready to hit the beach. Even miss priss enjoyed herself.

Once we got all four kids to bed mommy relaxed at the pool with a cold beverage. It was fantastic!! 

We even enjoyed our first dinner experience with four kids. It was crazy as expected but not too bad! 

This was my attempt at trying to get my kids picture. 

Oh well! It's been fun and on the way home Aiden said "hey mommy I don't want to go home anymore". Well good son because we have six more days!! 

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