Monday, June 1, 2015

June Goals

I can't believe May is over and it's June 1st. I'm worried summer is going to pass by quickly. 

Here is my recap on my May goals! I loved writing them out hopefully I'll continue this. It also gives me a way to document my month! 

May goals 

1. Cook 2 new meals for dinner- I actually accomplished this goal! Yay me! I cooked a crockpot chicken recipe and lemon Parmesan pasta. They were both wonderful and I'll be adding them to my dinner rotation!   

2. Have a play date with friends- also accomplished. We went to the circus with Abby and Bryleigh! 

3. Clean out my closet- this one will continue into Junes goals. 

4. Start a book- started one and will hopefully finish next month 

5. Watch a movie with Ryan- I had forgotten about this one but last night Ryan came home with American sniper and we started it and finished it last night. Yes it takes two nights to watch a movie. I get tired and fall asleep every single time! 

6. Have date night- we were able to get a baby sitter for oaks day and derby day so I'll take it! 

7. Have dinner with friends- check! Dinner divas!

8. Fix a dinner for someone just because- I made dinner for my family does this count? We actually come to my house most Sunday nights but I'm still counting it because it wasn't a special occasion. 

I must say I'm pretty darn proud of myself. Only one thing I didn't get accomplished this month!  I think I like writing out my goals!! Now on to June goals!  

1.  Clean out closet (still on my list)

2. Finish my book- usually Ryan will pick the kids up from the pool after he golfs and take them home to nap. This gives me the opportunity I need to read. Hopefully I'll take advantage of this time! 

3. Try two new meals- I'm putting this on here because I really liked making myself try new things for dinner and I need other things in my dinner rotations 

4. Spend quality family time- my sister Angie is home for the summer and I couldn't be more happy. 

5. Take Ava to splash park- sounds easy but something always comes up and we don't go. I think she would love it. 

6. Have friends over for dinner

7. Exercise at least twice per week- I was doing so well with this before my wreck now I need to get back into it. It's not as much as I would like in a week but with t-ball, gymnastics and swim team I'm not sure I'll have a ton of free time! 

8. Spend one on one time with Ava. I feel like I do this with aiden all the time because he's at such a great age to take places and enjoys everything right now. This month I want to do something special, just Ava and I. 

9. Have date night 

10. Schedule a play date 

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