Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer is here!

Lately we have been enjoying the start of summer with family and friends. The pool has opened and we will spend the majority of our free time in the water and I couldn't love it more!  

We also went to the circus a couple weekends ago. It was actually an amazing show and I think the adults enjoyed just as much as the kids. 

We have had several family cookouts and celebrated me Memorial Day at my grandmothers. 

We also bought a new van and signed Aiden up for pre school at a local private school. We have decided to go the private school route for preschool so he can get a Christian foundation for education and we will more then likely continue for elementary school. We really enjoyed our tour and we have a meeting with the head master before we are accepted but hopeful all will go well. 

We have a busy schedule coming up. Aiden has started swim lessons once a week and can already swim under water without his floaties. I'm so amazed at how well he is catching on. He also starts t-ball next week and he will be on the "swim pups" swim team at the country club. Ava also starts gymnastics in June. I foresee busy but fun weeks ahead!! 

Happy summer!! 


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