Thursday, June 25, 2015

20 months

How are you already 20 months old sweet Ava. I can't believe in 4 short months you will be two (and also be celbrating at the beach the week before)!!! 

20 fun facts about you at 20 months 

1. You adore your brother and you have to do everything he does or want everything he wants 

2. Your Favorite book is goodnight goodnight construction sight. We have to read it EVERY SINGLE night!  
3. Favorite food is Mac and cheese and watermelon 
4. You love to give kisses
5. And hugs
6. You call aiden NaNa 
7. You love dogs and call them all Lillah. Funny bc Delilah actually bites you. 
8. You love the water and want absolutely no help in the pool 

9. You are my strong willed child. Some say I will appreciate that one day! 
10. You hate the camera an refuse to smile 99% of the time I try and get your picture 

11. Your are a Mommy's girl for sure!

12. And cry if anyone tries to take you from me
13. You started your first gymnastics class and love every minute of it. It fits you so well. We call you little monkey because you climb on everything. 
14. You have started speech therapy and are starting to say more words (more on this later)
15. You love shoes and insist on trying most on every night 
16. You play with your baby dolls and like to push them in the stroller. (And yourself)

17. Your hair has one little curl. It's my favorite 
18. You go down the slide all by yourself. You want no one to catch you anymore 

19. You like to water the garden and drink water from the hose. 

20. I dress you so girly and you would rather play with tractors in the dirt with your brother. I have a feeling the dresses and bows will be a thing of the past once you are able to dress yourself. (I will keep trying though)

Ava grace you are one beautiful and smart little girl. Mommy and daddy love you with all our heart. 

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