Friday, June 5, 2015

A week of firsts!

We have had a week of firsts around our house. 

Ava went to the splash park for the first time! 

Her face says it all! She loved it!! 

She also had her first gymnastics class. Another love! She was in her element! I was nervous about how she would do because she's so shy but she did everything they asked and had a ball doing it. Her favorite was the rings. Girlfriend can already hold herself up and swing. 

Last night aiden had his first tball practice   Oh my gosh! It was so cute. He's on the same team as his cousin so that's always fun!  

Ava wasn't happy she couldn't go on the field with NaNa (her name for Aiden) and daddy. 

Next week is our first swim team practice and first tball game! We are going to be busy but have so much fun! 

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