Tuesday, April 28, 2015

May Goals

 I'm going to start this new thing of writing out my goals for the next month. I read several blogs where they do this and it seems fun. I don't have the followers like they do (nor do I want them!) so this is mostly for myself and maybe the three friends and family members who actually read this little blog!!

Maybe it will last maybe it won't but I figured it's worth a try. And maybe since I'm blogging about it I will actually follow through with them (or at least some of them). 

So here we go.....

1. Cook 2 new meals for dinner 

2. Have a play date with friends 

3. Clean out my closet 

4. Start a book 

5. Watch a movie with Ryan  

6. Have date night

7. Have dinner with friends 

8. Fix a dinner for someone just because 

Let me start with goal 1. I feel like I cook the same things EVERY. FREAKING. WEEK. I've started reading two new blogs who post a lot of recipes so I'm hoping to try some this month! 

I also want to get aiden and Ava together with some of my friends kids. Wether that be at the park or over to the house or go see a movie. Anything would be nice. 

Goal number 3 is something that has been on my to do list for months. Let's see if it actually gets accomplished. 

I also want to start a book. Not so much finish it this month but at least start one. I haven't read since Ava has been born and I really miss it. 

I guess we could combine goal 5 and 6 but I'm hoping we don't. We need to still celebrate our anniversary that was April 13th. We never get each other anything for birthdays or holidays but we do like to go to a really nice dinner on our anniversary. I had made reservations at a new French restaurant in Louisville and got a babysitter but because of my wreck we had to cancel. Maybe in may! And for the movie night. Well we never watch tv really and if we do we are in seperate rooms after the kids go to bed. Well because Ryan likes sports center or cnn and I like bravo and keeping up with the kardashians!! (I litterly only watch about 1 hour a night if that. I'm usually too exhausted and crash!) 

Number 7 won't be hard since we have dinner divas every month but I still like making it a goal. Dinner club is my favorite time of the month and I need it to stay sane! Maybe I can have a couple over one night also, that would be fun!!! 

And last, I really hope I follow through on goal number 8. It sounds strange but I've realized over the last week not having to cook much as been really nice. I want to sort of pay it forward. Maybe not to someone who has been sick or just had a baby but maybe to someone who I think may not want to cook one night or has been super busy with life. Well I guess that could be any parent right?!?!  We will see, it may be too awkward. I will keep you posted. 

So let's see how the month of may goes!  wish me luck! 

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