Sunday, April 19, 2015

Life lately

I love spring. I love getting outside and out of the house and after this winter we needed to get out. First stop was a spring festival at a nearby orchard. 

Face painting and bouncy houses. Win win!! 

Ryan and I celebrated our third anniversary. We haven't celebrated yet but hopefully we can at least get away for dinner in the near future. 

I also hosted our monthly girls dinner divas but got absolutely no pictures. 

I attempted to take the kids pictures at the capital last Sunday but as usual they didn't cooperate. Needless to say I've booked someone else to take their pictures in the next few weeks! 

We've played outside every day even in the rain!!! 

And yesterday we spent a wonderful day at Keeneland with one of my very best friends and her husband. It was fabulous. Even better we didn't have to fight the crowds because we were in the chalet with servers and great food!! 

And yummy drinks!! 

That night we went to a neighbors super hero birthday party. Ava was thrilled can you tell! Ha. 

Twins!!! (Spider-man wouldn't take his pic, go figure). 

Today aiden and I had a mommy/son date day with MiMi. We started with Starbucks and target, had lunch at California pizza kitchen and ended with a trip to trader joes. He is at such a wonderful age to take places right now. I absolutely love this stage!! It helps that he loves my three favorite places also (target, Starbucks and trader joes)!! 

Now we are ending the night with a cookout with the fam!! 

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