Thursday, August 20, 2015

Annapolis/Chesapeake Bay

Ryan and I had our first kid-free getaway in almost four years. We traveled to Annapolis/Chesapeake bay for Ryan's cousins wedding. It was so nice to get away but we also missed our babies more then anything. We rarely even get a night without them so five days away seemed like an eternity.

However, Aiden and Ava had a wonderful time at Mimi and Poppy's. I'm sure they were spoiled to the max which is okay with me! In fact when we got home both kids cried to go back. Made us feel loved!!

Thursday we flew out bright and early and arrived in Annapolis around 9:30 am. We wanted to get in early so we could have plenty of time to explore the city. Annapolis is amazing and as soon as we started walking around I wanted to move there, buy a yacht and live happily ever after!

Its a beautiful city with tons of cute shops and great pubs to grab a beer (or two, or three)!

We spent our days walking around, eating and drinking and more eating. The food is absolutely amazing!

Lots of crab and lobster! 

We also ran right into an active armed bank robbery downtown one day! Never a dull moment!

We attended a wonderful rehearsal dinner with lots and lots of great food and great company. I was excited Ryan got to see his family that he rarely gets to visit with. 

The wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended and my first Jewish wedding. It was a perfect night at a perfect location. 

The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club is absolutely beautiful.

We had a wonderful time!

School days!

School has started and both kids are loving every minute of it!

Aiden started preschool and goes full days Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays. This is a change for him as he still takes a 2-3 hour nap when at home or Kami's. However, he is quickly adjusting to only having an hour or so of "rest time" at school. He still naps which is nice but he's very tired when he gets home which can lead to very cranky three year old some nights. They say this gets better as his body adjust to the change. I just hope nap time continues at home, its very much needed on my days off!

Other then that he really enjoys school and gets very excited when we get him up in the mornings. Which if you know Aiden, mornings can be a struggle. He is NOT a morning person and hates to be woke up, so we were pleasantly surprised when this task ended up being so easy. We will see if this lasts!

He also likes eating breakfast and lunch at school. In fact I packed his lunch one day and the teacher told me that he decided he wanted to eat school lunch. Perfect we will go with it, easier on me!!

He loves coming home and telling us about his day. He says Wednesdays are his favorite because they are chapel days and he gets to see the "big" kids. His school is pre-k -grade 12 and the older kids love seeing the little's and the little's love seeing the big kids! We are so excited that he is excited!

As for Ava, this has been an adjustment for her. Not only is she the baby and a mommas girl. She is a Ms. Kami's girl also. We have been very fortunate to have a in home sitter for our children and I was able to work part time for the most part but we felt she really needed some social interaction with kids her own age. She is very shy and very clingy in new situations. I think this will be such a good thing for her and she's slowly coming out of her shell.

She only goes to Mothers Day Out one day a week which is a good start for her. Ryan drops her off and my mom picks her up. Ryan says she cries when they walk in but her teacher is so wonderful and texts/emails me throughout  the day to let me know she is quickly calmed and is participating in daily activities. In fact when my mom picked her up yesterday she was playing and telling everyone "bye" as she walked out. I think this is going to be a great start for her!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week(end) recap!

We actually had a relaxing last couple of weekends and it's been very nice. We have been pooling it every pretty day we get!  

 And building "movie theaters" in the living room! 

Attending birthday party for sweet little girl! 

Hung out with super man one night. 

And screaming when we had our pictures taken. Don't let this pic fool you, Mandy just did an excellent job catching that perfect in between cry. 

I also enjoyed my newly finished patio that we worked all weekend on for a total of three days. 

Then a storm came and completely distroyed all our hard work. Taking our brand new (not cheap) canopy to the ground. Luckily I have a husband that called and had the company send us replacement parts. Hopefully we can get it back up soon! 

Then Ava decided she wanted to "swim" in the puddle of the broken canopy. 

We have also been getting ready for school to start. I have one going to preschool three days a week and one going to Mother's Day out one day a week. 

Aiden had orientation Monday night and Ava Tuesday (tonight). It's been busy but I think we're finally ready! 

Lunches are packed, clothes are laid out and backpacks are ready. Hopefully we can all get up and out the door on time tomorrow! 

Then very early Thursday morning Ryan and I leave for Annapolis/ Chesapeake bay for four whole days without our kids. I'm excited and nervous about leaving them although I know they are in good hands with my Mom. This will be the first trip in almost 4 years Ryan and I have taken alone! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Sisterly love

A couple of weeks ago my sister Sarah came home for 4 nights, so in true Smith fashion we were attached to each other all 4 days. It's tough when your sisters live far away and you only get to visit a couple times a year. Normally Sarah only gets to come home at Christmas and our schedules are usually so jammed packed we rarely get to spend good quality time together. But because she had surgery she got more time off and got to come home in the summer. 

This is actually the only pic I got all weekend. 

We had a blast with Aunt boo and I'm so glad she got to spend this time with my kids. 

We also got to spend the entire summer with my sister Angie aka aunt Gigi. It's always fun to have her home during the summer and we always get to do so much together.  

Yesterday she left for school and as much as I'm excited for her to finish up her senior year we are going to miss seeing her practically everyday. 

It makes me sad to think this was her last summer home. Next year she will have a big girl job (hopefully) and won't get to come home for three months at a time.  What will we ever do without her here?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Life lately

Life lately has been busy! 

We did the walking bridge over to Indiana 

And got ice cream on the other side!

Ava's super pumped about her ice cream

We actually got two more tball games in despite the rain 

And had a cute little cheerleader at one!! 

(Then we went for pizza with the Dews) 

We attended a fundraiser for a new playground at our local park one hot Saturday. 

We also went to Ms. Bryleighs birthday party but I didn't take any pictures! 

We had our last swim team practice (still continuing private lessons)

We went to time out a few times for biting 

Celebrated nanny's bday at science hill 

And had lunch with this sweet girl and her momma! 

Pool time 

And then we were just being cute! 

Aiden had been in bible school all last week from 5:30-8:30 so Ava was  like an only child at night. I had forgot how much you have to entertain one child. For the most part they both play together and I do very little entertaining. Needless to say we are all ready for NaNa (Aiden) to be home with us at night. 

So that's been our life lately!!! 

Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July weekend

We had an amazing forth! Maybe my favorite to date!  Friday Ryan and I were both off so we sent the kids to Kami's and cleaned out our garage. (Don't be jealous)! Friday night the country club had their big 4th of July event so we went back and forth from the club and my nanny's for dinner and watched the fireworks from her deck. While waiting the kids played golf and caught lightening bugs!
Ava wasn't sure what to do with the pop it's 

Aiden cried at first when the fireworks started but was fine soon after. It was late and Ava fell asleep about 5 min before and slept during the entire show. This was the latest they had ever stayed up and finally Aiden asked to go home. Ha he was tired to say the least.


Saturday we pooled it all day. The kids were exhausted from the night before so naps were defenently in their future! Both napped for 3 hours. Later that night we went to a cookout and came home in time to watch the fireworks in our neighborhood. Lindsay Alex and Hudson joined us and the kids had fun eating ice cream and watching the fireworks.

 Fun times had by all!