Friday, April 11, 2014

5 months

Ava is 5 months old (plus a few weeks). Where does time go? 

You rolled over today from back to stomach. I was starting to get worried because you had not met this milestone yet. I tend to get nervous if milestones aren't met after what we've gone through with Aiden. 

You are barely putting weight in legs. I'll be talking to Dr. White at the next appt about this. 

You smile all the time and are starting to recognize people like mommy, daddy, Aiden and nanny! 

You can bring objects to your mouth 

You love your play mat

You can sit up with the support of a pillow 

We tried cereal last month but you weren't interested so we waited. We tried it again tonight and you really aren't interested again. We will see how that goes over the next couple of days. 

You don't sleep through the night and still get up to eat at least one time. Ugh 

You don't really like your bed as much as mommy and daddy's bed. 

You still have choking incidents and it scares me to death each time. I keep a suction bulb near me at all times. 

You are a very happy baby and rarely cry. 

The only time you do cry is at night around 6-7 or if you are tired, hungry or want to be held. 

You are such a joy and mommy and daddy love having a daughter! 

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