Monday, April 28, 2014

28 months

I feel like I'm always writing about Ava's monthly milestones so today I thought I would write about Aiden! 

You are 28 months. Wow time flies when your having fun!!

You are so much fun these days. Well let's say most days! Ha! Some days you do like to test your limits. 

1. You love to be outside. In fact you cry at night when we make you come inside. 

2. You adore all animals. 

3.  In fact I think you need to live on a farm. Too bad mommy hates the country.


4. You are a dare devil and nothing scares you. This scares mommy! 

5.  You are starting to talk more. You are probably up to around 50-60 words. I haven't been keeping track as often now that your talking more. 

6. You are in a swim class on Tuesdays. You love the water especially the slide. 

7.  You are obsessed with tractors. You wake up talking about tractors and you go to bed talking about tractors. 

8. You love your riding tractor. To my surprise you share it well with your friends. 

9.  Last Tuesday you put yourself in time out. It was hilarious. 

10. You are a daddy's boy. If daddy is around everyone else is chopped liver. 

11. Daddy has to give you a bath every night. If I come in the room you tell me to leave. 

12. The only other person who tops daddy is poppy. You love your poppy. 

13.  You have been in therapy for one year next month. In that year you have accomplished so much and we are so proud of you. 

14. You don't mind going to the doctor. In fact last time we went you put your arm on the table expecting them to draw blood. Looks like you are used to testing.


15.  You hate to brush your teeth. What do I do about this? 

16. You love to FaceTime. We like to face time aunt GiGi (Angie) and Aunt boo boo (Sarah) at least three times a week. That way they can still see you grow up even if it is over the phone. 

17. You love the beach and can't wait to take you back in august. 

18. You love all your friends especially Bryleigh. You say her name all day long. And you two really get along well. 

19. You are starting to watch a little tv. Not much and in fact I wish you would so I could get some things done. Ha!

20. Your favorite right now is Mickey Mouse clubhouse and polar express. 

21.  You also love trains. It's so cute. You can spot a train, tractor and lawn mower from far away. 

22.  When you see a train you yell "choo choo" I love it! 

23.  You love all fruits 

24. You aren't big on veggies. It's very hard to get you to eat them. 

25. You also aren't a big meat eater. But you def love carbs! 

26. You adore Ava and it's so cute. 

27. You have to kiss her good night every single night. 

28. You have such and big heart 

Aiden mommy and daddy love you so much. 


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