Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am loving these knit hats from baby gap! I have to go get one ASAP for Aiden!

I'm loving that I can fit into regular clothes now! I have been looking for things to take to the beach in April!

I'm loving Pinterest and all the fun finds. I just wish I had time to make all the things I pin!

I'm loving that I finally picked a menu for the wedding! Now I just have 5,469 things to do! HA! Only 12 weeks away!

I am also loving being a mommy to this sweet baby! How cute is that face!!??!!

(BTW this is a 6 month outfit....can you say BIG BOY!!)


  1. Oh my word, he is so precious!! Congratulations!

  2. Those hats are the cutest things ever! So is he!!!

  3. Hi - new follower! Your little guy is just precious!

  4. great things your loving! Aiden's outfit is so cute!

  5. He is so sweet! Love the hats, he needs one!! Your doing great of you can wear regular clothes again, good job!!

  6. I love those baby hats, and those flats are awesome.