Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend recap

We had a fantastic weekend! Lots of friend time! 

Friday night we celebrated a dear friends birthday. It was so much fun and such good food. There is a group of us who have been friends since childhood and it is always fun to get together! We have our monthly "dinner divas" but we also like to celebrate special occasions and always look for excuses to get together with or without husbands and kids! 

There was even a little magic show with dinner. Ha! 

Saturday Ryan and I took the kids to Stormhaven ranch. Aiden loved riding the horses! When we were leaving he told Ryan "I buy it"! He's just so darn cute right now. 

The poor kid needs to live on a farm! 

That afternoon after nap we took the kids up to see their daddy's at the golf course and out for pizza! They had so much fun watching the golfers come in. It's also nice when daddy wins the tournament! 

These two are are going to be great friends!

Sunday we went to church and waited for Aunt Gigi to get home. Since she sat in traffic for hours we weren't able to see her. Aiden was so sad when we had to put him to bed. But we did get to enjoy some outside time. It was lovely! 

Notice aiden has his own picnic table and umbrella thanks to my grandmother. Can you say spoiled! 

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