Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Midweek confessions

I'm linking up with E, Myself and I for Midweek Confessions.

I confess....I will put my son in bed with us in the morning just to get that extra couple hours of sleep. It is actually my favorite time because he cuddles up next to me! I know that there will be a point when he won't want to do this (or if he does that will just be weird) !

I am supposed to be on a diet so I can fit onto my wedding dress but I continue to eat sweets. I even bought Reese eggs yesterday. My excuse was i wouldn't be able to buy them after the wedding so I HAVE to eat them now! (BTW they are my favorite)

I am really excited about going to Zumba for the first time this weekend but still nervous I'm going to look like a fool. I don't know why I care!

I turned our air on last night. I know it was our first hot day and I should have waited but I can't stand to be hot!

I have a obsession with buying baby clothes. I went crazy in Janie and Jack this past weekend! I normally wouldn't pay that much for clothes but really want him to have cute outfits (complete with matching hats) for each night at the beach!! This just happens to be one of the outfits I purchased! I love dressing him like a little man!

I've been wanting to get Aiden in his own bed however Ryan won't let me. He says he's not ready for that yet which I think is very cute that he cares!

I have really enjoyed my time off and love that we have a routine developed in the day. I'm going to be so sad when I have to go back to work and send Aiden to daycare.

I think it helps that one of my really good friends is also on maternity leave. I love our little play dates. If Ryan and Kevin would let us quit our jobs I think I could be a stay at home mom! That is only if I had someone else that stayed home otherwise I would get bored and spend too much money!!

I have officially stopped breastfeeding! It's bittersweet but Aiden seems to be doing fine on formula! And while I'm confessing I'm excited that I don't have to watch my alcohol intake especially while we are on vacation.


  1. I LOVE Janie & Jack! We can't afford their stuff much but we happen to live an hour from the J&J outlet. I can do some major damage in there!

  2. reese eggs are the freakin best, Don't we wish we all didn't have to work! Aiden and sophie look too cute in that pic!

  3. I love me some Zumba! Just try to have fun, and you have to go more than once to really start to "get" it!