Monday, February 6, 2012

Blogger App

I'm coming to you from my bed this morning! I just realized blogger had an app!! I may be behind the times but I had no clue and feel this may allow me to post more often!!

After two terrible nights (literally up all night with a congested baby) we have had two really good nights! Both nights Aiden has only gotten up one time to eat and then goes right back to sleep!! Now mommy is still getting up more often just because I'm not used to him sleeping that long and I check to make sure he's still breathing but I think we may have this sleeping thing down!!

We tried Friday night to get Aiden to sleep in his crib but had no luck after at least 10 times of going back and forth. We decided this just isn't the right time and will keep him in our room for now! If he gets too big for the bouncy seat maybe we will just buy a bigger one! Ha!

We have also been smiling more especially when mommy sings (probably because it's so bad 😃)! I just love this face!!

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