Monday, December 19, 2011

Random thoughts/confessions

1.     I am getting a little nervous about being a parent and sometimes think maybe he should just stay in my belly forever (even though I am ready to not be pregnant anymore).
2.     I worry my child will be one of those children who doesn’t listen. You know the ones in the stores or restaurants that you say “my child will never act like that”.  Even though I highly doubt this will happen b/c I will raise my child the same way my mom raised me and we were not allowed to act like fools. We had to use manners and weren’t allowed to watch certain things on TV and defiantly didn’t talk back. Don’t get me wrong we weren’t perfect but we did mind and had rules to follow. Some kids these days are awful and I can’t imagine what my mom would do if I ever acted like that in public.
3.     On that note, Ryan and I have different views on discipline and this will be a challenge for us.
4.     I will probably wear maternity jeans for a very long time. I can’t imagine going back to a non-elastic waistband.
5.     I eat a lot of sweets these days. Last night I ate 4 cookies and they were fantastic.
6.     I also eat out for lunch most days since being pregnant. Nothing seems to sound good in the morning when I leave.
7.     During my entire pregnancy I didn’t eat like I probably should have. I ate out (a lot), ate fried foods, and even ate sandwich meat and fish. There were even days I didn’t have one fruit or vegetable but made sure I had something sweet.
8.     I am obsessed with Christmas and love decorating my house but this year I only have a tree up and that’s b/c my mom came over to do it.
9.     I hate doing laundry and let it pile up until we have nothing else to wear.
10.  I regift…sometimes!
11. I have done 95% of my Christmas shopping online.
12. I have only attended one Christmas party so far this season just b/c I haven’t felt like getting ready.  Nothing fits anymore and I just don’t feel like seeing anyone!
13. I love National Lampoons Christmas vacation and can’t wait to watch it on Thursday night.
14.  I also love cheesy ABC family and Lifetime Christmas movies.
15. I am not a fan of colored lights
16. I love getting Christmas cards in the mail but have never sent any of my own out. That will change next year with the arrival of Aiden.
17. I am super excited that both of my sisters will be in town for Christmas.
18.  I love starbucks and have probably had 15 peppermint mochas this season!
19.  I have been known to just throw away Ryan’s socks that I find on the floor. I get tired of picking them up.
20.   I have not packed for the hospital. I may need to get on that!

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