Friday, August 26, 2011

Showers Galore!

Three of my best friends are getting married this year and every weekend in the month of Auguest I have had to attend or host a shower. I am so excited for them but let me tell you, I'm exhausted!

The first one was held in Lexington and since I became preganant I have also become very lazy! I did not take one picture. I am so sorry Rachie! We hosted the luau themed shower at one of our friend's house and it was so great to see all my college friends that I hadn't seen in so long. Here is a picture of me and the bride to be! I am also proud to say she was one of my roomies in college also! I miss my lexington crew so much but cherish the times we do get to spend together!

The following weekend our friend Abby hosted a beautiful lucheon for another great friend Ashley! I have the honor of standing next to her September 10th as she becomes Mrs. Williams!
(Again I still didn't take pictures but luckly others did!)

The Bridesmaids (minus Erin)
The next weekend I hosted a shower for Lindsay. Again, I have the honor to stand next to her September 24th as she becomes Mrs. Hager-Gorman! I am super excited about this because it is in Jacksonville, FL and I am in need of a beach trip before this baby!

Also that weekend I attended another pool party/shower for Ashley.

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