Friday, August 7, 2015

Sisterly love

A couple of weeks ago my sister Sarah came home for 4 nights, so in true Smith fashion we were attached to each other all 4 days. It's tough when your sisters live far away and you only get to visit a couple times a year. Normally Sarah only gets to come home at Christmas and our schedules are usually so jammed packed we rarely get to spend good quality time together. But because she had surgery she got more time off and got to come home in the summer. 

This is actually the only pic I got all weekend. 

We had a blast with Aunt boo and I'm so glad she got to spend this time with my kids. 

We also got to spend the entire summer with my sister Angie aka aunt Gigi. It's always fun to have her home during the summer and we always get to do so much together.  

Yesterday she left for school and as much as I'm excited for her to finish up her senior year we are going to miss seeing her practically everyday. 

It makes me sad to think this was her last summer home. Next year she will have a big girl job (hopefully) and won't get to come home for three months at a time.  What will we ever do without her here?

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