Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July weekend

We had an amazing forth! Maybe my favorite to date!  Friday Ryan and I were both off so we sent the kids to Kami's and cleaned out our garage. (Don't be jealous)! Friday night the country club had their big 4th of July event so we went back and forth from the club and my nanny's for dinner and watched the fireworks from her deck. While waiting the kids played golf and caught lightening bugs!
Ava wasn't sure what to do with the pop it's 

Aiden cried at first when the fireworks started but was fine soon after. It was late and Ava fell asleep about 5 min before and slept during the entire show. This was the latest they had ever stayed up and finally Aiden asked to go home. Ha he was tired to say the least.


Saturday we pooled it all day. The kids were exhausted from the night before so naps were defenently in their future! Both napped for 3 hours. Later that night we went to a cookout and came home in time to watch the fireworks in our neighborhood. Lindsay Alex and Hudson joined us and the kids had fun eating ice cream and watching the fireworks.

 Fun times had by all! 

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