Sunday, January 4, 2015

weekend shenanigans

My weekend actually started on Thursday so we could soak up as much family time with Aunt Boo (Sarah) and Aunt Gigi (Angie). Aiden came down with what we thought was the flu on New Years Eve but his test came back negative. So there were lots of snuggles and TV watching for us as the ball dropped. Well before the ball dropped, I think we were all passed out by 10:00 pm!!

Ava playing with Boo and Trixie!

 I really don't know what I'm going to do with this child. She climbs on EVERYTHING. Aiden skipped this phase because he was such a late walker. It's hard, really really hard keeping an eye on her 24-7. She climbs on tables, stools, chairs, pretty much anything she can get those little legs hiked up on! When you tell her NO she just laughs so hard.
(BTW, she wears Aiden's old PJs. I hate spending money on stuff she is just going to sleep in. It drives my sister in law crazy!! Ha! I would rather spend that on more MJ!)

Learning to drink from a straw. She is such a big girl now!

Saturday Aiden was feeling better so we took a family trip to cracker barrel for breakfast.


I was suppose to go to Nashville with my mom and sisters for the weekend however since the kids were sick I didn't want to leave Ryan alone with both kids so that night I got to eat at my all time favorite place!! It was so yummy!!

Sunday we had a little tea party before going to SAMS club.

(just in case anyone is wondering he isn't suppose to be sitting like this and I'm sure his OT/PT and my sister would flip out but I made him fix his legs right after I took this pic!)

I'm so happy about my SAMS find. I had no idea they sold mudpie. Check out these two outfits I got. I'm in love! It's not the best quality and I'm for certain its made special for SAMs but who cares. It's cute and each were only $16.


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