Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Catching up

I've slacked on the whole blog thing lately but wanted to document some favorite times over the past couple of weeks. 

We have been having play dates on Thursdays and it's been so fun because all the kids are the same age. These two are only one month apart! 

The three older kiddos!

Papaw bought a boat so we took aiden for a ride one night. He loved it but mommy was a nervous wreck. 

We took an afternoon cruise on the belle of Louisville 

Danced at the street party 

Loved her swing 

Swam with friends 

Attended a birthday party 

Went for yogart because he slept all night in his big boy bed 

Went to the horse show 

And played at the park. 

It's been a busy, wild and fun couple of weeks! 

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