Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Go Cats

We are 2012 national champs!! Woohoo!! I stayed up late to watch the game while the boys fell asleep!! Well let me just say I had to set my alarm to wake me up at 11:20 just in case I fell asleep, and I did just that! But seeing the end was the best. It made me think about my college days at UK and I'm certain we would have burned the big brown couch at Lady Di Lane (and probably done the health department a favor)! My how my life has changed.

Daddy came home wearing a Kansas shirt but Aiden and I wore our UK gear proud!! Go Cats!!


  1. We are #1....No 1 Greater!! I would have been right there with you burning that couch.
    See you soon!!!

  2. I showed zack his pics last night and he loved them! he's a cutie! 4 days and I'm beach bound!